What do we do for you? What do we have to offer you?

For every 10 hours of work done for your project:

  • A tester test your system for up to 2 hours.
  • An internal manager will review and monitor your project for up to 1 hour
  • A devops will be responsible for updating the new version of your project on the platform of your choice.
  • If needed, the general manager will review your project for up to 1 hour and guide you to meet new needs.

Our work process is very simple. All members of our team will be involved in the process of completing and testing your project and will make every effort to provide an error-free system.

Web development project planning

All the way to your finall projects will be considered : analysing requirements, planning, estimating budgets

UX and UI design

Regarding to the specific needs of your target audience, 1002IT's UX and UI experts create user friendly interfaces for your web software. Then leading to higher user satisfaction and increased conversion rate

Web app development

Our experts use Clean Architecture to implement your software solutions. Finally you'll have a neat ,clean and maintainable code

Quality assurance

You can have the source code of your projects with after all your needs done. If you are not satisfied with the finall work, you have choice to not pay.


To help simplify your tasks and get things done automatically, we achieve seamless integration of your application / web portal with a CMS and your software infrastructure through custom APIs to make seamless use of your web application

24/7 support

Our support ensures the accuracy of your web operation and provides anything that needs to be improved to your complete satisfaction.

Types of Solutions

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